Alexander Leijonberg BadGal Riri, Photo Karen Olavarria to OLA gallery & atelier


Beyond Portrait

OLA gallery &atelier are pleased to present Alexander Leijonberg, a young artist from the city of Lund. Alexander is a self-taught, experimenting with canvas after admiring certain artists he’s met throughout his life. His dream “I want to be like them, I want to make my own art” started him on an adventure, following a path that gave him recognition as a true artist. Leijonberg’s passion is a sublime combination of painting and furniture design, giving outstanding results. A concep‍‍‍t of contrasts that depicts the impressions of the artist towards the inspiration he took from people.

In a short interview, Leijonberg revealed that painting makes him feel calm and at peace, not only when he sees his completed work, but during the whole process. He says the whole experience of creating makes it “comfortable for the heart”. In this exhibition “Beyond Portrait”, an inspiration is found under the command of a single brushstroke. Now, for the second time, Leijonberg shares more of his unconventional portraits (or better said), portraits of famous people that go beyond complexity, prejudice and harassment.