Adey, Anticipation, Sweden 2016, Photography Adey (all rights reserved)




Group Exhibition 8th -11th March 2019

Vernissage 8th of  March 





OLA Gallery & Atelier is pleased to present an exclusive exhibition for the International Women’s Day of 2019: #jesuisfemme reunites artists with different perspectives and techniques, reflecting the faces of women in the 21st Century.


#Jesuisfemme evolved as a follow up to the famous and controversial hashtag “#jesuis” in France. We wanted to use it because, still, all around the globe, women are demanding equal rights, while at the same time, changing history at a very fast speed.


On this exhibition, we have artists with different expressions of brush strokes, color, form and perspective.

Adey’s photographic works of art have been banned from massmedia, several times. They describe a strong relationship between humans and nature, a sketch of hidden thoughts and unwritten words, a spotlight where ignorance is unfortunately a questionable bliss.

Helene Stalin Åkesson (Stockholm, 1971), shares with her brushstrokes a virtual world, not far from reality: human behavior reenacted by canine figures. Perhaps this way we can more easily reflect on common human postures and realities, while avoiding the shame or pride humans would express. Her works Borzoi sisters(2018) and The essence of gossip (2019) show the ideals of friendship and sisterhood. In an instant when time stops, the two characters ignore the future and the unknown to celebrate that they are together.

In Manola Díaz Morales (Guatemala, 1993) art there is a woman that we may not know yet, the one who never talks or perhaps who opens the mouth without making a sound. We experience her sadness, her liberation, her small steps in the shadows. The artist describes the long way women in Latinamerica have yet to go to get heard or to be seen.


Through strong colors and rough brushstrokes, Ilona Swat (Poland, 1983), reveals portraits of women that show a very strong self esteem. These glowing, shining women represent the woman of today, the one who lives in a world free of violence and prejudice, the woman who finds her own voice and persists in her pursuit of happiness.


Karen Olavarría (Peru, 1980) specialized her work on the use of pastels. Her work Almost there (2017) depicts immigrant women in the form of girl ballerinas. It is based on the reality of immigrants from Syria who dream of arriving safe to the coasts of Sweden.


Julia Merklinger, Dario Jara, Luis Castillo and Åsa Svennerstedt, open doors to the fantasies and realities of women of today, with brushstrokes, prints and installations. OLA Gallery & Atelier is very proud to present their works as a room with a view without censorship, discrimination or underestimation.


We want to hype and celebrate women as they are and hope that the women who struggle for justice will find it in a not too distant future.