Karina Loayza Tres pajaros, Photography by the autor for OLA gallery&atelier



17 Feb - 20 May 2018

OLA gallery & atelier are pleased to present Karina Loayza, a talented artist from the city of Cusco, Peru. Her art has been exhibited in many important buildings around Peru and internationally in the cities of Rio Branco in Brasil, Oslo and Vienna.

Loayza's exclusive exhibition Timeline, depicts an exploration of colors and textures that marked her artistic career that comprehends more than ten years as a professional artist. Based in the city of Cusco, Peru and graduated from one of the best art schools in her country, Karina has shown another language through art. Her fascination for nature creates a notorious harmony between the mind, the senses and the colors, making notorious to the viewer her love for nature and complex landscape. Karina shows neoexpresionists textures on the surface of the canvas that motivates the spectator the immediate  pursuit of an‍‍‍ encounter with Mother Nature.

Loayza's passion for nature managed different ways to express her ideas on canvas, setting different worlds, never ending stories floating in the air. Every single brushstroke redefines a connection with nature and the freedom of  limitless creation. In fact is the release of a creative soul that translates nature into art.