Lluq Queralt

Irina Andrianova

Ayaka Nakamura

Darío Jara Morante

María Ocampo

Karina Loayza

Elena Bernaldo de Quiros

María Ocampo, La cimarca, 2019. Oil on canvas 100x100 cm. Foto: Karen Olavarria to OLA Galleri & Ateljé


7 Dec 2019 -26 Jan 2020

About abstrac art, OLA GAllery & Ateljé has found a diversity of expressions that in one way or another prints colour and vivid animations that converts simple brushstrokes using them as techniques towards fantasy in a world where we can identify ourselves with deepness, calmness or freedom. This  exhibition On the blank space, has brought to our gallery artists from around the globe, into a harmonious show of color and movement.


On this exhibition On the blank space, Elena Bernaldo de Quiros (Spain), wants to translate the magical world she has been involved in while sleeping, the colored and unshaped dreams that take place in the subconscious. Then at the awakening, Elena tries to palm the dream on the canvas in a hurry and huge attempt to catch it before it vanishes. Elena’s processes are direct and uncluttered, and generally makes individual marks each based mostly on something seen, feeling her way into the subject, looking for lyrical, organizing  and paralleling structures intersected at right angles.


Elena paints from life, constrains her work within a particular subject and applies strong formats to evoke different emotional and visual possibilities. Colour conveys feelings of individual experiences, revealing its own magic. Carrying to the whole process paths of a composed structure in a search for light, lifting shapes and forms using unconventional chemical substances. The final work speaks for itself as an allegory of traces of a dream, or in other cases a dream of a dream.

Art and especially abstract art is a distinct language that expresses something unconscious inside us, a non-objective matter such as emotions, feelings or hunches. Something that is kind of not present, but it is here imperceptibly. And since Irina Andrianova (Rus) have been a sensuous person since childhood, she said:”I’ve always wanted to share it with the world. Now I’m trying to communicate this through my artworks. It is not only my inner senses that I draw inspiration from”. Irina continuously researches outdoors, and the sources are often natural phenomena of every kind: clouds, rocks, sea, tree bark or sunsets. For Irina, expressing feelings and emotions nothing is as satisfactory as abstraction. Confessing: “We have in a way  these feelings and emotions, a way of contemplation and a sense of something elusive in the air which is much greater, — that truly unify all of us, people around the globe. I think that abstraction is an international language understandable to anyone — even if they don’t really want it”.


Maria Ocampo is a Peruvian artist born in the south of Peru, a little pearl of the Peruvian mountains surrounded by wild nature and breathtaking landscapes. There is  where her inspiration comes from, a list of infinite goods from the earth: clean rivers, trees, fruits, mountains and animals.

Maria Ocampo’s art could be seen in many corners of the city of Malmö, murals, open offices or public spaces. Her motivation is expressing her own landscape and universe as gates to heaven, waving clouds forming mist and mystical landscapes, letting the spectator transform her art into its own dream. Her works are individual and based on places she has been, moments that should inevitable pass to eternity, peace that always a soul would like to catch.


Karina Loayza's art, depicts an exploration of colors and textures that marked her artistic career that comprehends more than ten years as a professional artist. Based in the city of Cusco, Peru and graduated from one of the best art schools in her country, Karina has shown another language through art. Her fascination for nature creates a notorious harmony between the mind, the senses and the colors, making notorious to the viewer her love for nature and complex landscape. Karina shows neoexpresionists lines on the surface of the canvas that motivates the spectator the immediate  pursuit of an‍‍‍ encounter with Mother Nature.

In a  moment called Metaphors, Dario Jara Morante  looks back to nature and reflects what he literally sees, giving to it a symbolic meaning, unity, connection and transition. He manifests nature as the main theme and as the force that claims the artist in order to create powerful images. On this exhibition we present an artist that gives to the beholder a material world that translates the voice of what he sees, has a name and expresses itself into different patterns. An artist who considers himself as one tiny part of “an everything” and places on the canvas layer by layer the most powerful and beautiful force.

Lluq Queralt  is perhaps the aesthetic mark of his compositions, that human vision which he represents on the eyes of the portrayed,  the dominated and the light that balance the photography without effect. The theorem of Lluq Queralt  is the meditation of a moment that will never come back but captures structures and prints in light the instant the blink is already gone. It is not easy to talk about  photography, it is not easy to talk about this new episode of collages that survive the critic of what is this. But certainly Lluq Queralt is the complexion that sums the reality and touches the unknown. An impeccable work of surfaces  that controls the touch and the sight, deepening the beholder in a sea of doubts.

Ola Gallery and Ateljé is pleased to present these remarkable artists that in one room have wowed the blank space of the unknown, moving back and forward steps of colour and paces towards infinity, in hope to expand the space but not blank anymore.